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Special services

The We group and there departments have a vast number of investigators and security officers who came from the civil services, German armed forces and prison services so we can offer our customers a service which normally is offered by state services.

  • Civil aviation security
  • Flight security attendant
  • Flight controls
  • Boarding controls
  • Aircraft searches
  • Airborne paramedics
  • Security flight attendant
  • Sky marshals
  • International ship and port facility security
  • Ship security officer
  • Port facility security officer
  • IPSC code
  • Lifeguards
  • Divers
  • House-sitting and housekeeping
  • House sitting by long periods of absents
  • Opening and closing windows and blinds
  • Operating the lighting
  • Controlling the heating
  • Checking electrical systems
  • Checking electrical systems
  • Airing the rooms
  • Looking after and feeding pets
  • Watering the pants
  • Airing the rooms
  • Winter service and green keeping
  • And other wishes
  • „secret security – Island“
  • A small island in the Seychelles (Indian ocean)
  • Holidays in a peaceful environment
  • Especially secured for specially protected people
  • Protection form paparazzi
  • No other holidaymakers
  • Comfort and luxury
  • Security checked personal
  • Yacht and helicopter service
  • An unforgettable oases for rest and recuperation