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event security

For customers from WE: - security services, safety and order by events is of great Importance. With long years of experience of event security with specially trained men and women achieving problem free running, where friendliness and discretion are not unknown words, events in the care of WE are events in good hands.

General conception planning in retrospect of the maximal security, confirming with local jurisdiction. Reception personal & hostesses for check In and justification controls. Entry and exit controls Including V.I.P. areas ( possible with Metal detectors ).

we: - event services:

  • ID and justification for all employees and guest
  • VIP shuttel serice ( with armoured plating if required ) limousines and mini buses
  • Visual but discreet orderly duties of the complete event arena
  • Patrols outside event arena
  • Area / road blocks and stage security (front & backstage)
  • Emergency exit and fire prevention controls with the fire brigade
  • Parking area control and patrols
  • Our own 1st aides in conjunction with paramedics and doctors
  • Guarding music equipment, broadcasting vehicles and vehicle park
  • Special V.I.P. escorts with trained personal protectors with or without arms
  • Transferring V.I.P.s from hotels or airport
  • Area protection with dog patrols
  • Sniffer dogs for bomb detection in conjunction with local authorities
  • Messenger / courier service per bicycle or motorbike
  • Cleaning service at event end with sub contractors