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CPP - personal protection

The Specialist go on duty when there is extreme threats or danger towards persons. thanks to routine Intensive training they protect exposed persons professionally in public or in private.
For your personal protection were on duty day and night at home at the office and on the road.
There is no special contract without a security concept and professional CPP that you cant reply on.

Main areas of duties are:

  • Business trips
  • Congress or conferences
  • Room / building checks
  • Controlling personal items
  • Person / entry controls

Individual personal protection for yourself, guest, customers, partners:

  • Protection in the office and else where
  • Protection by transactions in cash or with valuable items
  • Escort service on the way to the office, on journeys and events etc.
  • Escort service to meetings, during stopovers (also abroad)

For families :

  • we have female protectors especially trained to protect females and children and for persons who want the not so obvious escort
  • Protection at home
  • Protection on the way to school at sport recreation and trips etc.